Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. In order to guard your privacy, we guarantee the following:

  1. Your personal information (including name, date of birth, address) will not be shared with anyone.
  2. Your test results will not be reported to your health insurance company.
  3. Your test results will not be shared with your personal physician.
  4. No information regarding your order will be shared with anyone else but you.
  5. We will not use our company name on any of your personal credit or debit billing statements.
  6. We will not store your credit card information after your test has been billed.
  7. Your results will be kept on file for 7 years should you need to access them in the future.
  8. Our health counselors will not disclose any information about any of our clients at any time.
  9. We will not contact you directly regarding your test or results. All questions or test results can be discussed by calling us directly.