Why Choose Us

We Protect Your Privacy

You can be sure that your privacy will always be protected with STD Testing Houston. Payments are processed exclusively and securely online via credit card, debit card, or prepaid gift card. Since we operate independently of insurance companies, you don’t have to worry that your order history or results will find their way to your permanent medical records. Furthermore, you’ll never see “STD Testing Houston” on any billing statements or mailed correspondences. To ensure maximum privacy, our company will always be discreetly listed as simply “SFHT.”


Tests Are Accurate and Affordable

You shouldn’t have to choose between affordable and accurate when it comes to STD testing services. At STD Testing Houston, you’ll get both. Our tests are priced competitively and we offer a series of discounted panel options for those wishing to get tested for multiple STDs in one convenient visit. Our tests yield the highest accuracy levels you’ll find anywhere.


Fast Results

Nobody likes waiting around for STD testing results. And with STD Testing Houston, you won’t be waiting around long. Simply order your test, stop by an area testing center and you’ll be on your way. After stopping by a testing center (a process that, for most, takes less than 15 minutes), you’ll have your full results emailed to you in just 24-72 hours on average.


Counselors Who Care

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of care counselors are here for you should you have any questions or concerns throughout the STD testing process. Whether you need a hand in picking the right tests, finding the nearest testing facility, or discussing treatment options and next steps, we are ready to help. And should you require prescription medication or further consultation, we can put you in touch with a physician.